On this page you will find information on a book that describes a hike of 11 days from Trento to Bologna, in English.

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Booktitle: “Trento – Bologna on foot”
ISBN: 978-90-820515-3-7

This handy hiking guide (12.5 x 21 cm; 4.9 x 8.3 inch) in colour describes a route of 261 km, that leads you in about eleven days from Trento over the hills to Verona and over dykes along the rivers Adige, Po and Reno to Bologna. The route is divided into 29 sections (on average 9 km) that can be connected to each other according to preference. You will always see a map on the left and the accompanying text on the right. In the book you will also find information about the options for overnight stays, arranged by location, with a price indication and contact details.

Do you want to ORDER the book? Send an email to abeekes@xs4all.nl . Please include your address, the name of the book and the number of copies. I will send you an invoice by e-mail. On receiving the payment I will send you the book(s). The book costs € 12.50, including shipping costs.

There is also a gpx-file available, consisting of four tracks: the main route (Trento-Bologna 2018) and three alternative route parts (Calliano, Ponte di Veja en Zevio), plus the numbered route instructions from the text and the location of the overnight stays. When you have the booklet you can download the zipped file using a password: the last word of direction 98 in the book, without the closing dot.

This book is also available in Dutch.

Click here for changes concerning the route or the overnight stays.

Below you can see some example pages from the booklet: